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Greppy Systems acquired Catwalk15

November 17, 2016

Dear Catwalk15 community,

We're excited to announce that Greppy Systems acquired Catwalk15.

We launched Catwalk15 in 2014 and set out to build a product that matters to people and we believe that together we created a safe haven for constructive criticism which helped us shift style uncertainty into total outfit confidence. That's something we'll always be proud of.

Being a part of Catwalk15 and watching our community grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences so far and it's all because of you. We want to express our deepest appreciation to our users, mentors, advisors, partners, the MVP Academy and RICAP programs and everyone else who helped us over these past 2-3 years. Thank you.

Stay happy. Stay stylish.

Awards & Recognition

Digital Divas by Avon 2016

1st Prize - Special Project by Bloggers

RICAP Accelerator

Class of 2016

How to Web

Startup Spotlight Finalist

Pirate Summit


Untold Festival

Partner @ Fashion Story

Electric Castle Festival

Partner @ Fashion Corner

Pirates on Shore

1st Prize

How to Web

MVP Academy - Class of 2015

Transilvania Demo Day

2015 Finalist

iOS NeXT Conference

Special Guest

Droidcon Eastern Europe

1st Prize

StepUp Incubator


Startup Weekend Cluj

Groupie Award